Contagion, Copycats, and Threat Surges

“In a hyper‐polarized political climate with heightened tensions and acute civil unrest, waves of threatening and problematic communications can overwhelm security professionals who must identify the true danger amidst the noise.” – Simons and Tunkel, 2021. During times of crisis, conflict, or when faced with highly charged political or social issues, organizations and threat managers […]

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Threat Management Conference Recap

ATAP TMC 2023 RECAP Our Clinical Security Solutions team once again attended the annual Threat Management Conference in Anaheim, California. The TMC, sponsored by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) is a yearly gathering of multi-disciplinary professionals working in the field of Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management. Our team attended presentations from leading researchers

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When is a Threat a “True Threat?”

1st Amendment Issues for Threat Management Teams to Consider Threat Management Teams face many challenges in keeping our communities, schools, and workplaces safe. TMTs must constantly determine whether a person making a threat actually poses a threat. The two are quite different. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to freedom

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Left of Boom Expanded Edition – Threat Assessment for the Year Ahead (2023)

Welcome to an expanded edition of Left of Boom, Clinical Security Solution’s monthly newsletter. Each month we share our experiences and perspectives to help nuance your understanding of issues surrounding workplace violence prevention and intervention with the goal of helping you make your workplaces safer for all. In this special issue, we’ll discuss our assessment

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